Run For The Hills 10K/5K 2024

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Sunday, October 13, 2024

To register use QR code or follow this link:


Adults $32; 7-18 $22; 6 years old and under is free. 

Online registration closes TBD. Registration will also be available on Race Day. 

Same-Day On-Site Registration: Adults $42; 7-18 years old $32.


Directions: From Main Street/Route 7 in Great Barrington take Taconic Avenue which becomes Alford Road to the Bard College at Simon's Rock entrance. Follow signs to Kilpatrick Athletic Center.

Parking: Parking is located behind Kilpatrick Athletic Center (KAC). Turn left onto road leading to KAC. Proceed beyond KAC entrance to lower or upper parking lot.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are located in the main lobby area to the right of the refreshment area. Additional bathrooms are located in the locker rooms located down the hall to the right off the main lobby.

Directions to Starting Areas: By 9am all participants should begin walking to respective starting areas (located 1/10 to 1/4 mile away). 10K start time is 9:20am. 10K starting area is located near Kilpatrick Athletic Center on Simon's Rock entrance road. 5K start time is 9:40am. 5K starting area is located on Alford Road just north of Simon's Rock entrance at Seekonk Veterinary Clinic. 

Race Route: 10K route starts near Kilpatrick Athletic Center then left on Alford Rd., right on Hurlburt Rd., right on Rte. 71, right onto Seekonk Cross Rd., and left on Seekonk Rd. to finish line just before the bridge over Alford Brook. 5K route starts at Seekonk Vet Clinic on Alford Rd., then left on Round Hill Rd., right on Seekonk Cross Rd., right on Seekonk Rd. to finish line just before the bridge over Alford Brook. 

10K Course Map:

5K Course Map:

Walkers are welcome to join us on the 5K route. (10K route - please, runners only.)

Event Ceremony: Light refreshments and announcement of division winners at the Kilpatrick Athletic Center immediately following the events.

Race Results: Results will be posted following the race in the gymnasium, on the New England Timing Website: and at

Timing: Timing utilizes the Winning Time RFID Chip System at the Starting Area and Finish Line. No other Timing May Be Worn. All athletes will be issued a Winning Time chip with an Ankle Band at registration. The chip will give an official time for the event; provided the athlete wears the chip correctly. The chip must pass over the mats at each transition area in order to receive a time. Participants consent to Internet posting of the entry list as well as race results. Participants must return chip upon finishing the race (or via mail should you forget to turn it in), otherwise participant will be billed $25! Manual timing will be performed using traditional methods if the chip system is unavailable/ non-operable on race day.

Volunteering: Not a runner but interested in helping out? Fantastic! We are building our Run For The Hills Team and would love to have you aboard. There are opportunities before and during the race. Click HERE to review roles and sign up or email


Run For The Hills Race Waiver:

RELEASE FORM: Upon acceptance of this entry form, I waive all claims for myself and my heirs against the Great Barrington Land Conservancy, and race officials and sponsors of the Run For The Hills 5K for injury or illness from direct or indirect participation. I also grant permission to use any photographs or other promotional record of this event for any legitimate reason. I further understand that there are no refunds if, for any reason, I am not able to run this race or the race is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 


1.Waiver and release of all claims (including negligence)

In consideration for use of the facility, I waive and release Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center, its agents, servants, employees, insurers, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, causes of action, damages or suits at law and equity of whatsoever kind, including but not limited to claims for personal injury, property damage, medical expenses, loss of services, on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my presence at the facility or use of the facility and/or equipment. This waiver and release is intended to and does release Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center from any and all liability for damages or injuries on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my negligence, the negligence of third parties and Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center’s negligence, including but not limited to negligence in the construction, maintenance and upkeep of the facility and its equipment, negligence in training or negligence in supervision. This is not intended to release Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center from any liability resulting from their intentional conduct.

I understand that if, for any reason, I am or have been under medical supervision or if I have not exercised regularly in the recent past, that a doctor’s approval should be obtained prior to use of the facility’s equipment. I understand and agree that it is my sole responsibility to obtain a doctor’s approval.

I further covenant and agree not to institute any claims or legal action against Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center for any claim released by this Agreement. I further agree that should any claim be made against Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center in contravention of this Agreement, including but not limited to derivative claims, I will protect, defend and completely indemnity (reimburse) Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center for any such claim and expenses including attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center in defending themselves or security indemnity hereunder.

I recognize the facility is not supervised, and I use the facility (including premises and equipment) entirely at my own risk.

2. I understand that Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables or property from within the facility.

3. While at the facility, I agree to conduct myself in a responsible manner and will refrain from engaging in inappropriate conduct, including the use of loud, foul, slanderous language or any intimidating or offensive conduct that would interfere with the peaceful use and enjoyment of the facility by other users.

4. I acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of the current rules and regulations governing the use of the facility. I agree that I will fully comply with all rules and regulations and with any amendments.

I have read the Agreement and understand that by signing the Agreement I have consented to be bound by its terms, including the waiver/release of any legal right I may have to sue Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center for any costs they incur because a claim or legal action is brought in violation of this Agreement. I agree any violation of the Agreement and its terms and conditions, as determined by Lemme Run, LLC dba Berkshire Running Center, will void and terminate this Agreement and may result in loss of the ability to use the facility.