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Virtual CRA May Day Races 2020


Virtual CRA May Day Races 

Major Sponsor: Greylock Federal Credit Union 

Platinum Sponsors: CompuWorks and Berkshire Money Management 

Sat. Sept. 26 – Sunday, Oct. 4th; all results in by 6 pm on Oct. 4th.

Fee: $25.

Prizes: Top finisher, male and female, for the 5k and 10k. Also, best photo and farthest away.

There will also be some fun raffle prizes!

CRA May Day Races will count towards B21 Race Series!

Please see for more race information.

Two races: 5k or 10k. See course map or we will allow improvised runs for those who can’t make it.

The 5k route starts at the CRA: From the parking lot, turn right on Main Street, turn right on South Carson St., right on School St., right on Mill St. and back up to Main Street. Turn left on Main Street, turn left onto East Housatonic, turn left on Depot, left on Main, left onto the Maple-Myrtle-Elm loop, back to Main, turn left on Main and return to the CRA.  You never have to cross a street!

Do this route twice for the 10k race.