PATHways Spring Run/Walk Virtual 5k

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Help Us Bring Back the Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon!

Monument Mountain RHS  PATHways Club 

Spring Fun Run/Walk Virtual 5k

Run/Walk between May 7-13, 2021

Help bring back the MMRHS Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon!  

For TWENTY-EIGHT years, MMRHS and the PATHways club have hosted a Senior Citizen Luncheon event complete with an hour-long band, chorus, orchestra concert, a tasty lunch, and fun giveaway prizes. In 2019, more than160 locals attended and enjoyed this highly anticipated event. 

In 2020, the luncheon had to be cancelled due to pandemic restrictions and safety concerns. The PATHways club wants to be sure this event takes place in 2021, even if it needs to look different. 

Any funds raised in excess of what it takes to host the luncheon will be 100% used to sponsor local community outreach. 

Spring Fun Walk/Run Virtual 5k Details:

Walk/Run routes must be 3.1 miles. The route can be a road course, on a trail or the high school track, or any other route of your choosing. 

Nonmonetary awards and small prizes given for the following:

  • Competitive: We will be announcing best-time categories soon. 

  • Noncompetitive: We love healthy competition, but we like having a good time just as much! To encourage the fun, we will have nonmonetary awards and small prizes for photographic proof of the following:

    • Best Dressed: Put on last year’s Prom outfits and take photos of you or a group doing your chosen route in style (masked and socially distanced). Note: Each member of a group must register individually. 

    • Themed/Costumed: As an individual or a group, the possibilities are endless and creativity counts! Think The Incredibles, Disney Princesses, Minions, etc. (masked and socially distanced) Note: Each member of a group must register individually. 

Post photos to Instagram or facebook and use #MMfunrun21

 Submit your time here: Time Submission