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FU2020 Fitness Challenge


We are hosting a 40 day Fitness Challenge called FU 2020.
FU stands for Finish Up 2020, as in finish up strong. (You can substitute anything you like.)
Forty days to stick it to the year that tried to break us.

Join us in your own personal fitness challenge or get a group to join you.
Every day make a decision to do things to improve your life, health, fitness, mindset, well being and happiness.

We will guide and support you each and every day with virtual streaming of our classes, RunFit Cardio Strength, Yoga, Indoor Cycling and more.

Join us for weekly challenges for prizes.  Plank challenges, squat challenges, mileage challenges and much more.

We will share studied and proven healthy nutritional information, and help you set goals while earning motivation as you track your progress and  help support those in your FU2020 community with sharing and posting your successes and triumphs.

Six weeks until the end of the year that has brought us challenges in all aspects of our lives that we cannot control. Let us finish it feeling stronger and healthier while taking control of what we can, our health and fitness.

What you get is:
Daily and weekly workout challenges.
All access to all of our streaming workouts.
Structured and proven strategies to achieve fitness goals.
Incentives for participation, prizes and your very own FU2020 vinyl sticker to proudly show your participation.
However, the most important and invaluable part of the program, it’s the MOTIVATION we all need to get healthier and happier before the year’s end.

Earn points for each of the ten daily goals:
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep
Complete a task on the TD list for the day
Limit or eliminate alcohol
Limit or eliminate sweets/treats
Do something good from your heart
Eat 3-5 vegetables
Eat 3-5 fruits
Stretch, meditate, focused care

Earn bonus points for special challenges.

Overall grand  prize for the most points over the 40 days.
There will also be give always and raffles for all participants in the FU2020 program.
Dates 11/22/2020-12/31/2020
$20 per person