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B21 Race Series 2020

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit




The cost to enter the B21 Race Series is $40.00 payable to Berkshire Running Center.
Registration for the B21 Series does not include your race registrations for each race.
Get a B21 Singlet just for signing up!


B21 Series 2020
You Pick Your Race Schedule from ANY RACE on our calendar!
Run 50 Miles of races and volunteer for 1 to earn your Iron Runner Jacket in 2020!
Example: Run all 4 Frosted Mugs (12.4 total), Dorothy Finnegan 5K, SRHM (13.1), and 4x SRS (14) Ramblefest 15K (9.3)= 51.9 Miles
We will be offering BONUS MILE incentives! 
Bonus #1: Run the First Race 5K and earn double miles (6.2). 
Bonus #2: Run All 4 Frosted Mug 5K's and earn a bonus 3.1 miles. 
Bonus #3: Run All 8 Summer Race Series Races earn a bonus 7 miles. 
Bonus #4: Run both mile races (Green Mile and Run For The Suns) earn a bonus 5 miles. 
Bonus #5: Run the SRHM 8K and the Ramblefest 2-person Relay and earn a bonus 3.1 miles.
Bonus #6: Run Guido's GR8T and Mt. Greylock 8 Miler and earn a bonus 8 miles.


And the best part!...You will keep track of the races you run yourself then submit it for verification when you hit 50 miles to earn your Iron Runner jacket. You will submit your list of race results and bonus miles, all at once, including the place you finished by October 31st 2020 in order to receive your Iron Runner Jacket. Please do not email us after each race, wait until you have completed your 50 miles and then send us 1 email for verification.  If you will be using any races in November to complete your miles you may submit and note what races you will run to complete your 50 miles to still receive your jacket. 


Printable Registration Form: click here